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Is the Drdabber Boost Evo The Portable Dabbing Device We’ve All Been Waiting For?

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First off, yes this is out of order and we do have a vlog for when we bought the Jeep, I We’ve all been waiting for it, a portable @drdabber switch and while this does not carry the same model name, the Boost Evo has many of the same charistics of the switch. Great vapor production, perfect flavor and, excellent battery life. All the things I loved from the switch with the added benefit of it fitting in the cupholder of the car! This gets a win from me.

The price point is a little hefty set right around $330 but as you take into account the other devices being dropped currently, Id say the price is justified. My only other complaint comes in the form of the stock glass attachment and my thoughts there are that it could look a bit better to go with the very sleek, eye catching base. Other than that, 10/10.


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