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Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Unboxing and Sesh! White & Black Editions! Micro E-Rig! USB-C Charging! Grips!

Use Code DTQ for 15% or send us your order number if you want to help support the house! http://bit.ly/downtoDabber We’re live 24/7 on our Twitch channel! Come by and ask for a “Spelunk Sesh” in our Cannabis Cave if you want to see a live demo of the Boost EVO or want to ask […]

Introducing the Dr.Dabber Boost EVO

Adapt & Evolve The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO has been painstakingly built from the ground up, incorporating proprietary technology, with one goal in mind: the perfect dab. Achieving the perfect dab every single time you use your vaporizer is a metric that is often overlooked, but most vaporizers on the market have little or no […]

Is the Drdabber Boost Evo The Portable Dabbing Device We’ve All Been Waiting For?

Review Starts at 8:00 Drdabber .com First off, yes this is out of order and we do have a vlog for when we bought the Jeep, I We’ve all been waiting for it, a portable @drdabber switch and while this does not carry the same model name, the Boost Evo has many of the same […]

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo Unboxing | GoStoner Reviews

Welcome back you lovely people and do I have something special to show you! Check out this hot off the press eRig from Dr. Dabber called the boost that again in my opinion just raised the bar on what you should expect from your vape. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Dr. Dabber Boost […]

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